Top 5 Best File Sharing Apps For Android Smartphones 2021

1. Files by Google

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Have you ever sought for a smartphone app to help you organised your files? You’ve come to the right place. Google’s official Android file management app, Files by Google Apk, is available for download. You may now easily move all of your files around on your smartphone without having to deal with any hassles. It also gets rid of any duplicate files and old documents that you don’t require. There are two primary tabs in Google Files Apk. You’ll get a quick look of all the folders that use up the most space on your phone, as well as apps that you haven’t used in a while, from the first ‘Storage’ page. It’s now easier than ever to free up space by eliminating old garbage. In the ‘Files’ menu, you’ll be able to look through every single folder and sub-folder on your smartphone. In Files by Google’s settings panel, you’ll find a notifications section where you can set up alarms to notify you when you’re running out of space or if an app on your smartphone hasn’t been used in a while. Files by Google also sends you an alert when your folders get too large and take up too much space. Google Files Apk is a full-featured application. In fact, you’re now far more likely to manage all of your files from your smartphone; it’s straightforward and convenient. Plus, you’ll clean out your entire device in seconds by removing any duplicate files or unneeded folders that are clogging up your smartphone memory.

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2. InShare

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InShare Apk is a fantastic app for easily sharing and receiving all types of file transfers. This app is a terrific way to transmit large files to a buddy without wasting time or paying for a specific service. It allows you to send any file from your Android smartphone in a matter of seconds. Tap the transmit button to send files. You can then select which files to share, such as music, documents, images, movies, apps, or anything else. Simply navigate to the appropriate category and select the files you require. The benefit of using InShare Apk is that there is no file size limit and you may share any type of material. Receiving a file is just as easy: simply press the receive button and wait for the individual who is sending you files to finish the procedure. Simply accept the message when it appears, and the files will be transmitted and saved on your smartphone in a matter of seconds. InShare Apk is an excellent tool for transferring crucial files from an old smartphone to a new one. It also allows you to transfer files to friends and family without having to utilize WhatsApp or email. Use this software to prevent wasting data on large file transfers and to complete the operation in under a minute.

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3. Send Anywhere

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Send Anywhere Apk is a tool that allows you to back up any sort of file on your smartphone and make it accessible from other devices. You can back up any file type, from images and movies to other Android applications, with Send Anywhere Apk. Simply choose them and they’ll be moved to the cloud in a matter of seconds. Once the files have been transferred to the cloud, you may distribute them in a variety of ways, the two most basic of which are via the QR code created by the app or a specific download code that you may send out. The nicest part about transmitting files using these codes (One Time Key) is that they are no longer valid once they have been utilized. This means that the files can only be downloaded by the person to whom you’ve supplied the code. Send Anywhere Apk is an useful app for backing up files and sending them to others in a variety of ways.

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4. JioSwitch

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Jioswitch is Reliance Jio Communications’ superfast and secure file transfer and sharing app. We all know how vital it is to move large files from one device to another using file transfer and sharing apps. File transfer technology has progressed from infrared and bluetooth to today using smartphone apps. One of the most useful features of these apps is the ability to transfer enormous files in a short amount of time.

ToonMe Apk Features

  • To transmit files, there is no requirement for a data connection.
  • The file transmission speed is substantially faster than bluetooth file transmission, more than 100 times faster.
  • The technique to use the Jioswitch app is the same as any other app in the same category, such as shareit, xender, and so on.
  • When transferring data between devices, there is no file size limit; you can transfer files of any size.
  • The app is ad-free while using the jioswitch. so that you may use the app without being interrupted by advertisements
  • Using the Jioswitch app, you may transfer and share any type of content, including photographs, movies, office files, and audio file formats.
  • Device compatibility, as well as cross-platform compatibility (you may transfer and share files between Android and iOS handsets). Share content between your smartphone and tablet.

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5. XShare

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XShare is a file transfer app for Android that allows you to send any form of file from your Android device to any other device. This is a quick, effective, and simple technique for transferring photographs, videos, apps, or your whole download history. XShare Apk is simple to use and was created to make file transfers easier. The selected file type is displayed at the top of the screen. To find what you’re looking for, simply glide your finger from one side to the other, then look for the file in question. You can look through your downloads folder, installed apps, photographs, movies, music, and other items including documents, ebooks, and compressed files. One of the benefits of this app is that it allows you to pick many files at once. Instead of looking for and selecting each file manually, you may save a lot of time with this option. To speed up the procedure even further, XShare Apk allows you to scan the QR code on the other device, allowing you to transmit numerous files at once. You can transfer several files in a matter of seconds thanks to the speed and convenience of this app. What more could you possibly want?

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