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1. Ivideon

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Ivideon Apk is one of the best apps for security cameras, DVRs, and NVRs for video control, remote video tracking, and video recording. With event alerts and recordings saved locally or in the Ivideon cloud, you’ll be able to keep track of stuff while you’re gone. Ivideon Apk is a simple app that monitors what matters to you no matter where you are, keeping you up to date on important events in real time and saving them in the cloud for easy access. Ivideon Apk is a scalable, easy, and dependable video player. Ivideon Apk can handle anything from a webcam to track a home to an IP-camera network supporting an international company.

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2. Reolink

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The Reolink App is a simple monitoring app for security cameras. It allows you to view your IP cameras and NVRs on mobile devices locally or remotely. Anywhere and at any time, you can track and watch live streaming of your home and company. It makes it easy to achieve mental tranquilly.

Reolink Apk Features

  • An intuitive and user-friendly interface for all users.
  • Take single and multiple photos to save on your smartphone.
  • Multi-channel streaming on a single screen (up to 16 channels).
  • Capture and replay video from live view channels on your mobile device.
  • Receive real-time emails or push alerts when motion detection is triggered.
  • Replay video recordings from your camera SD card and NVR HDD from a distance.
  • Track and watch live streaming from anywhere and at any time using 3G/4G or WiFi.
  • Accessing cameras and NVRs (on the same local network) in just three steps — the simplest solution ever.

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3. Alfred

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Alfred Apk is a security camera app that allows you to transform your Android into one. To use the app, you’ll need two smartphones: one that serves as a surveillance camera (ideally an old one or one that you don’t use anymore) and another that serves as a home monitor. The motion detector is the most intriguing feature of the Alfred Apk. When you choose this option, the surveillance camera will turn on as soon as motion is detected, and you will be notified through your smartphone. You can select the motion sensitivity and the amount of time the memory can save the video in the settings. Bear in mind that in order for Alfred Apk to work properly, the phone that serves as the camera must be linked to the internet. This isn’t normally a concern since this phone is still wired to WiFi at home. Alfred Apk is a fantastic app that allows you to transform your old Android phones into real security cameras.

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4. i-Security

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This is widely regarded as one of the best Android home surveillance camera applications. It allows users to view live streaming video from various cameras via a surveillance device. You can also use your camera to watch live streaming through 4G/3G Internet or WiFi. The physical control is one of the application’s features. Users can also deploy this programme across several servers.

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5. Video Monitor

TrackView transforms your smartphones, tablets, and PCs into a linked mobile video surveillance and monitoring device that includes location tracking and remote recording. offers a free download of the Windows PC edition. TrackView is the only software that can do event detection, GPS location monitoring, video surveillance, remote video capture, and a lot more all at the same time! There’s no need to buy something, and there are no tangled wires; TrackView can be installed on your computer in under a minute!

Video Monitor Apk Features

  • Detection of events and immediate alerts to your mobile devices
  • Reliability and outstanding video quality at a low bandwidth cost
  • Front and rear camera switches can be controlled remotely.
  • Still on: computers can be accessed even when they are turned off.
  • Secured access: You are the only one that has access to the devices you’ve attached.
  • The app operates in the background and in sleep mode to save your battery life.
  • A remote buzzer that sounds an alarm if a computer is lost, even if it is in silent mode.
  • It’s incredibly simple to set up and communicate from anywhere in the world with just one click.

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6. Presence

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You have an out-of-date smartphone or tablet. It’s just lying there idly. Why don’t you put it to use? Enable the free app Presence to keep an eye on you. Get it now, and in less than 5 minutes, you’ll have a home security camera system. Install Presence on your main smartphone (the one you use every day) as well as an older smartphone or tablet. Place the old device in the direction you want to monitor and lock it in place. When anything happens, you’ll get recorded video warnings. You can also watch what’s going on from anywhere. Take note of this. Have a two-way talk with your pets and family. Switch between front and back cameras from a distance. Switch on the camera flash from a distance for better visibility. For your motion detection recordings, you’ll get a lot of free encrypted cloud video storage – 50MB to be exact. Do you want to learn more? Advanced motion detection features, a beefy 5GB of video storage, and priority customer service are all included in the $1.99 Presence Pro Video upgrade from Apple’s App Store.

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7. AtHome

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AtHome Camera Apk is a tool that turns your Android device into a video surveillance camera that you can watch from a device or another phone. AtHome Camera Apk allows you to configure the unit to record as soon as it senses movement, just like any other successful video surveillance system. But that’s not it. The motion detector will also give you an email warning when it detects movement. In addition to triggering the motion detector, AtHome Camera Apk allows you to set a fixed time when the app will both start recording and stop recording. As an added bonus, AtHome Camera Apk lets you connect to some well-known surveillance cameras, such as the one attached to the Statue of Liberty or the one in the Hilton Hotel’s Miami elevator. AtHome Camera Apk is a simple and effective video surveillance tool that allows you to transform your old phones into true security cameras.

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With, you can keep your home or business connected, secure, and ahead of the game. Our technology integrates your protection, locks, lights, video cameras, and other devices into a single system that safeguards you against crime, fire, carbon monoxide, and even water damage. With updates, video clips, and a full range of smart controls accessible right on your wrist, our Apple Watch-supported features make communicating with home or work as simple as checking the time. This software includes a compatible device as well as an service plan that is interactive. The availability of features varies depending on the system, equipment, and service plan. Apk Features

  • Remotely monitor your security system, alarms, lights, and more.
  • View footage from indoor and outdoor cameras in real time and on demand.
  • Customize your video warnings to only see those types of action.
  • Unlock several devices with a single touch by using Scenes commands.
  • Use your doorbell camera to communicate with guests while also unlocking your door from the same screen.
  • Receive notifications as people enter and exit the building, as well as when there is unusual activity.

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