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An essential component of the Biju Swasthya Kalyan Yojana (BSKY), a health initiative started by the Odisha government, is the BSKY Nabin Card 2024. The goal of the third phase of BSKY is to cover a substantial portion of the state’s population with healthcare services by expanding coverage.

By bridging the gap in healthcare access and providing cashless treatment for serious illnesses, this program exemplifies the aim of a healthier and happier Odisha. The important features of the BSKY Nabin Card, such as its goals, requirements, and advantages, as well as the application procedure, necessary paperwork, and methods for monitoring the status of your application, will all be covered in this post.

State Concerned Odisha
Scheme Name Biju Swasthya Kalyan Yojana (BSKY)
Benefits Cashless Treatment
Diseases Covered Heart Diseases, Kidney Diseases, Liver diseases, Brain Stroke, Severe Head Injury, Brain Tumour, Burns Management, Nerve & Muscle Diseases and Cancer
Requirements for BSKY Nabin Card Residence of Odisha
BSKY Nabin Card Apply Start Date 06 January
Official Website

The principal aim of the BSKY Nabin Card 2024 is to furnish the people of Odisha with universal and all-inclusive healthcare coverage, while simultaneously removing the financial obstacles that frequently impede their access to medical care. The implementation of this program will go a long way toward providing all state citizens with access to high-quality, reasonably priced healthcare.

Benefits of BSKY Nabin Card 2024

An essential component of the Biju Swasthya Kalyan Yojana (BSKY), the BSKY Nabin Card provides the people of Odisha with a plethora of advantages. These benefits guarantee free and unrestricted access to necessary healthcare services for individuals and families. The following are the main advantages of the BSKY Nabin Card:

  • Cashless Treatment for Critical Illnesses: The BSKY Nabin Card’s ability to pay for critical sickness care without cash is one of its most notable features. At specific private hospitals, cardholders can receive medical care without having to pay up ahead. This is especially important for serious medical disorders that require emergency care.
  • Universal Healthcare Coverage: The initiative intends to provide healthcare coverage to many families by covering over 90% of the state’s population. Almost everyone in Odisha will be able to obtain healthcare services thanks to this universal strategy, regardless of their financial status.
  • Affordable High-Quality Healthcare: Holders of BSKY Nabin Cards are entitled to receive top-notch medical care. By doing this, families and individuals are guaranteed the highest quality medical care, which can greatly enhance health outcomes and lower the burden of disease.
  • Coverage for Rural Impoverished Families: The card specifically benefits low-income rural families. By focusing on this group, the initiative lessens health disparities in the state by addressing the healthcare requirements of some of the most vulnerable communities.
  • Financial Protection: Families can benefit from financial security through the BSKY Nabin Card, which covers essential illnesses and cashless treatment. It gives them the confidence to seek critical medical care without delay and spares them from having to pay large medical expenses that could put them in financial hardship.
  • Large-Scale Impact: The program’s scope is impressive, as it covers nearly 1.10 crore families. This extensive outreach guarantees that the program will benefit a sizable section of the state’s population.
  • Model for Universal Healthcare: The BSKY Nabin Card offers a distinctive approach to universal healthcare. To offer complete health assurance, it integrates components of the public and private healthcare systems. It is anticipated that future healthcare projects will use this creative strategy as a model.
  • Enhanced Health Equity: The initiative enhances health equity through extending coverage and lowering financial barriers. It promotes equity in health outcomes by bridging the gap in healthcare access between various societal segments.
  • Reduced Health-Related Stress: Families with access to the BSKY Nabin Card report feeling less stressed about medical bills. They are free to concentrate on their health and wellbeing rather than the cost of medical care.

To guarantee that all Odisha citizens have access to healthcare, the BSKY Nabin Card provides a number of advantages. It is imperative that this project be pursued in order to provide the people of the state with inexpensive and comprehensive healthcare, as these benefits include financial security, universal coverage, high-quality care, and a notable decrease in stress connected to health.

Eligibility Criteria for Biju Swasthya Kalyan Yojana

It’s crucial to remember that the main goal of the BSKY Nabin Card is to provide healthcare coverage to families living in rural poverty and those who might not have access to quality medical facilities. The program excludes income taxpayers and government employees in order to prioritize people in need of healthcare help.

Residency in Odisha

  • Candidates have to be Odisha state residents in India. This indicates that anyone living in Odisha permanently is qualified to apply for a BSKY Nabin Card.

Exclusions of Certain Categories

  • Regular Government Employees: The BSKY Nabin Card is typically not available to government workers who are engaged in regular government service. This is so since working for the government usually entitles one to healthcare benefits.
  • Income Taxpayers: Income tax payers may potentially be ineligible for this program. The program is intended for people who are struggling financially and might not be able to pay for medical bills on their own.

Online Application Process for BSKY Nabin Card 2024

To take advantage of the BSKY Nabin Card 2024’s healthcare benefits, you must apply. Although the official application procedure can differ or alter, you can refer to this generic, step-by-step approach in the future:

  • Go to, the official BSKY website, first.
  • Once you’re on the homepage of the website, search for the “Apply for BSKY Nabin Card” or a comparable link. Usually, the website prominently displays this option.
  • The application page will open after you select the “Apply for BSKY Nabin Card” option.
  • As required, fill out the application form with your name and mobile number. Make sure the details you offer are correct.
  • Once you have input your information, press the “GET OTP” button.
  • Your provided mobile number will receive an OTP (One-Time Password). Open the SMS inbox on your phone to retrieve the OTP.
  • On the application form, enter the received OTP in the appropriate field. A vital step in validating your mobile number is this one.
  • You will see the signup form on your screen after your cellphone number has been validated.
  • Complete the form accurately with all the requested information. This could contain contact information, personal data, and other facts required by the application.
  • Once the registration form has been completed, carefully check the data to make sure it is accurate.
  • Once you are certain that all the information is accurate, finish the application process by clicking the “Submit” or “Apply” button.
  • Your application has been successfully submitted, as evidenced by the confirmation message that may appear on the screen. Make a note of any confirmation information or reference number that is sent.

Please be aware that extra procedures or documentation may be required for the official BSKY Nabin Card application process, and that particular requirements are subject to change at any time. As a result, for the most recent details on the application procedure, it is advised to often check the official BSKY website or speak with the appropriate authorities.

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