Top 5 Best Ad Blocker for Android 2021

1. NetGuard

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NetGuard Apk is an open-source app that allows you to restrict Internet access for any app on your smartphone. You can use less data, conserve battery life, and, of course, safeguard your privacy with it. The primary pane displays a complete list of all the apps that have been installed on your smartphone. Simply tap one of the apps to see its upload and download rates right now. If you don’t agree with the values, you can simply disable its Internet access. IPv4/IPv6 and TCP/UDP are supported by the app. Tethering is also supported. NetGuard is a great app for blocking Internet access for any app. You may also enable intriguing features in the configuration options, such as receiving a notification whenever an app tries to connect to the Internet or taking additional precautions when linked to a certain WiFi network.

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2. AdGuard

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Adguard is a fantastic tool that allows you avoid all types of advertisements on any website. This app makes blocking bothersome pop-ups, dangerous site redirection, and the theft of your personal information a breeze. With just one click, you’ll have access to all of these capabilities, as well as complete and reliable protection. All advertising on the pages you view are blocked and deleted by the app. Despite the fact that the adverts have vanished totally, the page’s structure has not changed, making it easy to read and maintaining the conventional format of your favorite websites. When the banners and other unnecessary gaps are removed, you’ll be able to navigate considerably faster, saving resources that would otherwise be utilized to load those fields. Adguard protects you from dangerous elements that can infiltrate your smartphone when you install apps, in addition to preventing all types of adverts and pop-ups. This app guards your smartphone from worms, Trojans, and phishing attacks that compromise your personal information. Also, if you log into unknown WiFi networks, the protection will remain. To activate Adguard, simply click the interface’s main button, and the protection will begin automatically. In the same panel, you can view the width of the band that you’ve saved since the protection began, as well as a bar menu with alerts letting you know that all of your internet connections are safe. If you wish to pause it, simply click on the button once more. With just one click, you can turn off those obnoxious adverts, pop-ups, and site re-directions and keep your information safe 24 hours a day.

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3. AdClear

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AdClear Apk works similarly to AdBlocker in that it blocks all advertisements on websites. To activate it and disable all advertising, simply tap the screen once. You can view a counter while it’s active that shows how many adverts on that website have been banned by the app. Aside from this basic functionality, which works on practically any website, the app also has a more complex security feature. You can even ban video advertisements on YouTube and other comparable websites using it. You can create exceptions in the settings for web pages where you don’t want the app to block advertisements. You can even add individual apps and browsers to this list as exceptions. It’s also quite simple to set up: all it takes is two taps to get it up and running. AdClear Apk is a fantastic ad blocker for Android browsers. However, if you appreciate a certain website and the advertising isn’t extremely bothersome, you shouldn’t block the ads; after all, the website is likely to thrive without them.

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4. Free Adblocker

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Free Adblocker Apk is a browser with an integrated ad blocker that allows you to browse the web without being bothered by advertisements. Not only do webpages look cleaner and simpler to read, but you can also save data, making this an exceptionally helpful browser for browsing the web when you don’t have access to WiFi. Free Adblocker Apk does exactly what it says on the tin: it prevents advertisements. But it doesn’t stop there! It alerts you when you’re on a site that could infect your smartphone with malware or adware, in addition to blocking all types of adverts (pop-ups, banners, videos, and so on). You can close the tab before anything harmful happens if this happens. You may choose your chosen search engine (Google by default), modify your notifications, choose whether or not to keep passwords, and even alter the interface colour in the Free Adblocker Apk options. As a result, you have complete control over your browsing experience. You can also save and manage bookmarks, open many tabs at the same time, and use incognito mode. Free Adblocker Apk is a fantastic Android browser that allows you to block all types of advertisements on websites. However, if you’re on a site you trust with good information, you should support it by turning off your ad blocker and donating a little amount of money.

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5. Adblock Plus

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Adblock Plus Apk is the official Adblock Plus app for Android devices, produced by the same team and offering nearly identical functionality to the desktop version. Adblock Plus Apk configuration is a little more difficult than other versions. Fortunately, the software includes a comprehensive tutorial that will guide you through the process in just a few minutes, without requiring you to tamper with your network setting. Once you’ve installed Adblock Plus Apk, you’ll be able to use your smartphone to browse the Internet without being bothered by intrusive banner advertising or other distractions. This is especially useful for Android users, as too many adverts might cause your device to slow down. Adblock Plus Apk is a handy app for everyone who uses their smartphone or tablet to surf the internet frequently. It will not only remove those annoying advertising from your view, but it will also improve the performance of your gadget.

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