How to Delete Your Facebook, Twitter And Instagram Account

SOCIAL MEDIA STRIPS THE LINE BETWEEN becoming a helpful tool and being a debilitating addiction. They’re also met with criticism, with some claiming that they infringe on our personal privacy and spread misinformation. You may be considering deactivating any accounts if you want more free time or don’t want your personal information to be spread across the internet. It’s one thing to want to delete your account; it’s quite another to actually be able to do so. It should come as no surprise that social media outlets make money off of you and your information, so they don’t want you to leave. As a result, the largest networks have found it extremely difficult to uninstall your account. Here’s what you’ll have to do if you’re dead set on getting rid of them.

When it comes to privacy, now is as good a time as any to think about using a VPN to protect your online activity from companies and would-be hackers. We’ve put them through their paces and assembled a list of our favorites. In June 2020, the following information was updated: This guide has been revised to represent the most up-to-date strategies for removing yourself from major social media sites. TikTok has also been added.

1. Facebook

You’ve had your Facebook account for a long time, and maybe you’ve shared a little too much personal information during that time. Maybe you’re already sick of your friends’ mildly insulting status changes, or maybe you’re unsure about the ethics of using the service at all. You’ve had plenty in any case. If you’ve ever deactivated your account, you’ve probably found that everything returns to normal the next time you log in, as if nothing happened. This is due to the fact that deactivating your Facebook account is not the same as removing it. You’re simply shielding your details from searches and your Facebook friends when you deactivate your account.Your account details remains intact on Facebook’s servers, patiently awaiting your return, despite the fact that nothing is available on the web.

Even so, deactivating your account is a difficult task. Select Preferences and Privacy from the drop-down menu in your settings. Then choose Your Facebook Information from the drop-down menu. Select Deactivation and Deletion from the drop-down menu, then Deactivate Account. Finally, select Continue to Account Deactivation from the drop-down menu and obey the on-screen instructions. To permanently delete your account, you’ll need to figure out where to find the delete option. Choose Delete Account from the same Deactivation and Deletion menu as before, then press Continue to Account Deletion. Press Continue, then Delete Account after entering your password. It’s important to note that the deletion of all your data and information will take a few days.

Yes, you read correctly—just it’s a request. Facebook will hold off on deleting your account for a few days after you send your request, and if you log into your account during that period, it will cancel your request. Just in case you change your mind, you know.It’s important that you stay away from Facebook throughout this period. Remove the app from your phone’s memory. If you want to delete your account but don’t want to lose all of your files, make a backup of anything important first. Anything from your photographs and status updates to the ads you’ve clicked and the IP addresses you’ve used is available for download. The list of what’s included is very long, but you can see it all here. You’ll also want to hold this data in a secure location due to its sensitive nature.

Go to Settings > Your Facebook Information > Download Your Information to download your account. Facebook will give you an email with a download connection once your download is complete. This connection will expire in a few days for added protection, so download it as soon as possible.

2. Instagram

Despite being a mobile-first service, Instagram does not allow you to remove your account from inside the app. Instead, you’ll have to uninstall your Instagram account from the web interface. Navigating through Instagram’s settings, like Facebook’s, will only allow you to temporarily disable your account. Your profile, pictures, likes, and comments will be hidden from the site if you disable your account. Click the individual icon in the top right corner and select Edit Profile to find the disable function. You’ll find the option to temporarily disable your account at the bottom of the page.

To permanently delete it, type into your browser’s address bar. Enter your password and press Permanently Delete My Account once you’ve arrived at that tab. When deleting an Instagram account, users have previously mentioned being asked to enter their phone number. Fortunately, it appears that this is no longer needed.

3. Twitter

Maintaining a well-curated Twitter account requires a lot of time and effort, but the good news is that deleting your account doesn’t need nearly as much effort. You may want to download your archive before you delete your Twitter account. This will show all of your tweets in chronological order, which is useful if you want to relive your first tweet or see all of your unanswered celebrity tweets. Click your profile icon, go to Settings, then Account, then Your Twitter Data to download your archive. You can then enter your password to download all of your information.

You can delete your account after you’ve received your downloaded copy. Log in to Twitter, go to your account settings, and then press Deactivate My Account at the bottom. After that, you’ll be asked to enter your password, and your account will be deactivated until you do so. Remember that your data will not be removed for another 30 days. This window gives you the ability to resurrect your account if you like. Twitter will begin deleting your account after the 30-day limit has expired. This could take a few weeks, according to the company’s Privacy Policy.

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