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Updated in 2023: Quickly Unbanned From WhatsApp

Is WhatsApp blocking your account? Yes, you should panic right now because you can’t use message or reply to the WhatsApp contact. We have a thorough instruction on how to fast and easily Unbanned WhatsApp numbers, so don’t worry. This comprehensive tutorial will provide the answer to your query, “How can I get my blocked WhatsApp number back?” So save your time and avoid downloading any apps that promise to unblock your number.

When you activate mobile data, a screen stating that your WhatsApp number is temporarily prohibited or that you are temporarily barred from WhatsApp appears on your phone’s screen. You may be wondering what’s wrong right now. I had no idea my Whatsapp number was blocked. The most significant action was presently being taken by WhatsApp by banning the WhatsApp accounts.

Many users recently reported temporary WhatsApp account bans in one of the Facebook groups, and on the same day, my WhatsApp account was also suspended.

Because WhatsApp is the only platform people use to communicate with friends and family, it has grown in importance. This guide is for you if your WhatsApp number was blocked by WhatsApp and you are wondering how to unblock my WhatsApp number.

In this article, we’ll cover the causes of WhatsApp number bans as well as techniques to unban WhatsApp numbers. Let’s first discuss the different types of WhatsApp bans before moving on to the remedy.

Whatsapp Is Blocking Numbers And Has Various Kinds Of Bans

  • Ban on WhatsApp temporarily – usually quickly unbanned from WhatsApp
  • Ban on Whatsapp indefinitely – depends on the violation of the policy

If the WhatsApp ban on your number is only temporary, your situation is less serious, and you can quickly and easily get unbanned from WhatsApp. The question you may have at this point is How long is the WhatsApp ban in effect? The answer to this question is that a ban may continue for 24 to 48 hours, or longer if you repeatedly violated the policy.

However, if your WhatsApp number has been permanently blocked, it will be difficult to unblock it temporarily. Don’t worry, though; we’ll give you a WhatsApp permanent ban solution.

Let’s quickly review the causes of getting banned from WhatsApp and why WhatsApp numbers become banned from WhatsApp before we go to the remedy on how to rapidly get unbanned.

Unbanned Whatsapp Number – Reasons For My Whatsapp Number Ban

The blocking of WhatsApp accounts has a number of justifications. You must review your memories and make an effort to recall whether you violated any WhatsApp rules or engaged in any of the behaviours listed below that would result in a ban.

  • Sending bulk marketing messages
  • Message-sending to a stranger
  • Sending a communication that is threatening, offensive, defamatory, or illegal
  • Distributing bogus news on WhatsApp and sending questionable links to contacts.
  • Using obscene terms in a group or account name, such as child porno.
  • Spamming the group and sending bogus viral videos.
  • Utilising WhatsApp’s modded version.

These are just a few of the reasons why WhatsApp accounts are prohibited. from all the aforementioned causes of a WhatsApp account ban. I use GbWhatsApp personally, and I absolutely adore it. Users of third-party apps have begun to get bans from WhatsApp. This guide is for you if you fall into one of those categories and are looking for information on how to unban WhatsApp.

How To Fast Unblock Whatsapp Numbers – Unblock Whatsapp Number

During a temporary WhatsApp ban, you will notice that the timer is continuously ticking down. The counter displays the amount of time left to request a WhatsApp unban. If you see this screen, your WhatsApp number has been temporarily blocked. The procedures you must do in order to swiftly remove your temporary WhatsApp restriction are listed below.

Step 1:– Initially, remove GbWhatsApp Apk from your Android device.

Step 2:– The tough part is now here, and if your WhatsApp account is banned, you have two possibilities.

  • Installing WhatsApp Business apk is recommended if you use GbWhatsapp in addition to the original WhatsApp. WhatsApp Business
  • If you use Gbwhatsapp to take advantage of the extra features, you will need to wait until the new anti-ban version of Gbwhatsapp / WhatsApp unbanned apk is not available before installing the original WhatsApp to unban the account. Check out the most recent Whatsapp plus and Gb WhatsApp apk downloads.

Step 3:- Open the Google Play Store now and install the most recent version of WhatsApp on your Android device.

Step 4:- Now sign in to WhatsApp by entering your number.

Step 5:- Wait for the countdown to finish running so that your WhatsApp number can be unbanned once it has. You will still be able to see the WhatsApp temporary ban timer, which is steadily lowering.

Keep in mind: Step 1:- Uninstalling any modded versions of WhatsApp is crucial because if you don’t, the account ban time will lengthen and it will take longer to have the account unbanned.

Solution For A Permanent Ban On Whatsapp – Unban Permanent Whatsapp Ban Number

Yes, you made some errors that caused WhatsApp to permanently ban you. Fear not, it can be corrected, and you can ban permanently. It is possible to remove or unban WhatsApp numbers from a permanent ban. If your WhatsApp number has been permanently blocked, you should follow the thorough instructions below to unblock your number.

Step 1:– Remove the current version of WhatsApp from your phone and install the most recent version from the Google Play store.

Step 2:– Open WhatsApp after installation and enter your phone number. An error notice will appear.

Step 3:– The pop-up message’s “Support” option should be selected.

Step 4:– Don’t forget to provide your phone number when you write out your issue and include a screenshot of what it displays.

Step 5:– Click “Next” now, then scroll down.

Step 6:– Select “This does not address my issue.”

Step 7:– Use [email protected] to submit a support email right now.

This step will take some time because you have to wait for WhatsApp to respond and check your email inbox. Typically, WhatsApp replies take 24 hours.

Here is a list of WhatsApp support email addresses for all platforms, so check them out if you’re having trouble sending emails to WhatsApp or aren’t using an Android device. Just remember to use English when you do so.

Note:– Whether WhatsApp views you as innocent or not will have no bearing on how to unban a permanent ban account. If WhatsApp finds you to be innocent and decides to overlook the error you made, your account will be unbanned; if not, you will need to wait a week and repeat the process to get your WhatsApp number unbanned.

To Unban Your Account On Whatsapp, Send An Email.



I have not done anything wrong and i’m sure I have followed your rules of conduct and you have Suspended my account for not any valid reason please back my account as soon as possible 


Thank you so much

Steps To Do In Order To Unblock A Whatsapp Number

The only way to permanently unban a WhatsApp account is using this approach. Many con artists may be found online that promise to pay money to have their WhatsApp accounts unblocked. Keep in mind that only WhatsApp itself has the ability to unblock WhatsApp numbers. To activate the WhatsApp ban number, don’t pay anyone.

How To Repair This Account Is Unable To Use Whatsapp.

The procedure of signing up for WhatsApp and creating an account is rather simple. The error notice “This account cannot use WhatsApp” appears for some users. This typically happened when you bought a new sim card that had already been given to the other person and who had been blocked from WhatsApp for sending spam messages.

Here are the measures you can take if you are making an account and are certain that you have not violated WhatsApp’s policy on spam messages.

Step 1 : Install the most recent version of WhatsApp from the Google Play Store after removing any modified versions that may have been installed on your phone.

Step 2 : After choosing the nation, open WhatsApp and enter the mobile number before tapping the Next button.

Step 3 : If the message “This account cannot use WhatsApp” appears, try registering a new phone number before uninstalling WhatsApp and restarting the Google Play Store.

Step 4 : Install WhatsApp Business by searching for it.

Step 5 : Repeat the account creation process for WhatsApp now. At this stage, the issue is typically resolved.

Step 6 : If the problem persists, click the support button, describe the issue, and it will be resolved in 5–6 working days.

You can fix this account’s inability to use WhatsApp by doing the following: register a new number in WhatsApp. This issue typically arises after WhatsApp bans the former owner’s mobile number.

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