The completely Guide for GBWhatsApp App Download, Installation, and Update in 2023

A modification called GBWhatsApp can be installed into your current WhatsApp app to provide you access to more features and settings customization. The mod was made by Has.007, a senior member of XDA. The mod was based on the WhatsApp Plus mod, which the official WhatsApp corporation ultimately decided to discontinue. When you complete the GBWhatsApp download process, the software instals itself onto your current copy of WhatsApp and gives you access to new features and a variety of setting adjustments. In addition to making changes to settings and functionality, GBWhatsApp apk tweaks also introduce brand-new features (more on that below), as well as less significant upgrades to things like your WhatsApp’s theme and overall appearance.

GBWhatsApp Features

The major reason why GBWhatsApp is downloaded and installed by so many people is because of all the new features it offers. There are too many features (around 25+ in total) to mention them all here, but we’ll highlight the ones we think you’ll find most appealing.

– DND Mode

The “Do Not Disturb” mode included in the GBWhatsApp apk mod is referred to as “DND Mode.” This option can hide your usage if you wish to access the internet, WhatsApp, and your device without it being obvious that you’re online and using the app (blue ticks).

– Complete Privacy Control

Along with the aforementioned consideration, using GBWhatsApp will provide you total control over your privacy settings. This entails manually managing whether you let your gadget notify others of your whereabouts and online status.

– Schedule Messages

You may quickly plan messages to be broadcast to all of your contacts or to specific contacts using the GBWhatsApp apk (free download mod). All you need to do is write out the message you want to send, choose the time and date, and then confirm your action. All there is to it is that.

– Send Large Content Files

The file size restriction is undoubtedly one of WhatsApp’s biggest shortcomings. You want to send your loved one a photo, a movie, or a song, but you can’t because it exceeds WhatsApp’s 16MB file size restriction. No need to worry; the latest mod for GBWhatsApp removes this restriction, allowing you to send anything you want.

– No Compression Sending

Similar to what was said above, sending files using WhatsApp requires file compression, which is a well-known disadvantage. When you clearly lose quality, this is most frequently found with video and image files. However, the free edition of GBWhatsApp disables the compression to guarantee the highest possible quality of your content.

– Access and Control Log Files

The ability to erase and view your WhatsApp log files is a well-liked feature of the GBWhatsApp download mod. This is crucial if you’re trying to modify your application or if you’re having problems and want to figure out what’s wrong. To free up additional space on your device, simply remove your log files.

– Improve Chat Security

You don’t want anyone to be able to view the texts you are sending on your phone. Using this feature will ensure that all of your chat messages remain private by blocking out specific or all of the messages in your chat threads and protecting them with a passcode.

– Completely Customize WhatsApp Themes

The ability to totally modify the look of every area of your WhatsApp app, from the menus to the chat screens, may be the most well-known feature of the GBWhatsApp current version features. Using the mod, you may build an aesthetic that provides you the most pleasurable experience.

Part 3: Is GBWhatsApp Safe to Use and Install?

One concern you might have is the security of GBWhatsApp. After all, you are enabling a third-party app to access your device, read your personal data, and view all of the content on your phone or tablet. The question of whether it is safe or not is still up for dispute. On the one hand, WhatsApp hasn’t blocked access to the app, indicating that it isn’t breaking any terms of service or other agreements, which gives us hope that the app is secure.

After all, WhatsApp would simply repair a problematic app rather than allowing it to continue running and harming their business. However, it’s crucial to keep in mind that no mod on any application or programme can vouch for its own 100% security. Of course, another reason the software can be viewed as unsafe is because it cannot be downloaded straight from the Google Play Store. Although there is a chance, there are extremely few reports of the mod creating issues, and the majority of users report positive experiences.

In conclusion, GBWhatsApp appears to be safe to use, despite the fact that we cannot be assured of its safety due to the overwhelming number of good reviews and the paucity of bad ones.

Part 4: Where to Download and Install GBWhatsApp?

If you want to download the GBWhatsApp app and use it for yourself, you’re definitely searching for a reliable source to do so. This implies that in order to instal the mod on your Android device, you need the apk file. Here are several locations where you may now download and instal GBWhatsApp:

This is the top-rated download link on Google, and it offers you step-by-step instructions as well as the apk file for version 6.70. Let’s Encrypt services are used to encrypt and secure the website. Visit this page if you want to learn how to update GBWhatsApp.


A counterfeit Google Play Store called UptoDown hosts apk files like GBWhatsApp. However, despite DigiCert technology ensuring the website’s security and encryption, the only version that is accessible is the outdated 2.18.330.

Free Android APKs

The Android APKs Free website, which is also safe and secure, offers the later 2.18.327 version of the GBWhatsApp mod but is encrypted utilising COMODO services. Few reviews exist specifically to assist with problem solving.

Soft Alien (Recommended)

Are you looking for the most recent and updated version of GBWhatsApp? You can rely on Soft Alien. Through a secure and encrypted online connection provided by CloudFlare Inc, one of the most well-known security providers, you can download the most recent 7.81 version of the mod.


The final choice is to get GBWhatsApp from OpenTechInfo. This trustworthy website, which has also been approved by COMODO, gives you access to a safe and secure download page for the most recent 7.81 2020 version of the mod.

Part 5: How to Install and Update GBWhatsApp

The following instructions will cover all you need to know to get the app onto your device, installed, and operating at full capacity now that you know where to obtain the apk file.

Step #1: go to Settings > Security on your device, and then enable the “Unknown Sources” setting. You will then be able to instal apps that you have downloaded from sources other than the Play Store.

Step #2: Utilize the mobile browser on your device to download the most recent GBWhatsApp apk file from one of the sources listed above. As an alternative, you can download the file to your computer and then move it over to the storage of your device.

Step #3: Open the GBWhatsApp apk and follow the on-screen directions to instal it. The process will be the same as installing the regular WhatsApp programme.

Step #4: To log in and access your files and conversations, provide your name, country, and phone number to validate your account.

Your device now has GBWhatsApp installed and is ready for usage. Simply launch the app from your main menu and utilise it the same way you would your regular WhatsApp app.

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