Meet The Top 7 Female Bgmi Streamers In India.

While men still dominate the eSports scene, the industry is seeing an increase in female players and streamers who are just as good as their male counterparts. Women have become a key part of the eSports realm, from tournaments to YouTube content creation, and they are similarly getting the chicken dinner in the world of BGMI. As a result, these are the top 7 female BGMI streamers in India, according to Times points.

1. Payal Dhare

Payal Dhare, also known as Payal Gaming in the eSports scene, has over 1.85 million YouTube subscribers. Payal recently got the Face of the Year Award at the Startup Business Meet 2021, and she is also recognised for her regular BGMI streaming. Payal is well-known for being one of the best BGMI players, and for keeping the audience enthralled with her remarkable gaming skills and accuracy.

2. Vyshnavi

Vyshnavi has 497K subscribers on her YouTube channel Natasha Gaming. She is a young BGMI streamer who has turned her passion for gaming into a full-time career.

3. Kaashi Hiranandini

Kaashi Hiranandini, popularly known in the eSports community as Kaash Plays, is a BGMI streamer. Hiranandini rose to prominence as a result of her outstanding performance at Krafton’s BGMI events. Kaash Plays has over 437K subscribers on YouTube.

4. Krutika Ojha

Krutika Plays is Krutika Ojha’s YouTube channel. Krutika is recognised for winning multiple BGMI competitions and has been in the top ten in over 29 games on the channel, which has over 399K members.

5. Sonali Singh

On YouTube and in the eSports community, Sonali Singh is known as Play Like Incognito. She is a well-known BGMI streamer, with over 209K subscribers on her channel. Sonali is a BGMI streamer who is well-known for her unbeatable pan combat matches.

6. Monika Jeph

Monika Jeph, better known in the gaming community as Sherlock, is a renowned streamer for the eSports organisation S8UL. Monika was the first female participant in PMCO 2020, and she has a large following on YouTube, with over 166k subscribers. Monika is one of the few female gamers that has pursued streaming as a career.

7. Mini Bisht

Mini Bisht, well known by her moniker MINI UK07, is a prominent BGMI streamer from Dehradun. She is a YouTube full-time streamer with 92.5k subscribers.

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