How To Verify Your Instagram Account In 6 Easy Steps

You’ve come to the right site if you’re wondering how to get verified on Instagram. We’ll show you how to apply for Instagram verification (the simple part) and give you some pointers to help you qualify (the difficult part). Have no time to read? Our top suggestions for getting that coveted blue Instagram verification badge may be found in the video below.

What Does It Mean To Get Your Instagram Account Verified?

Instagram verification is the process of proving that your Instagram account is the genuine representation of a famous person, celebrity, or worldwide company. You’ve undoubtedly noticed a lot of verification badges. The small blue checkmarks, like those on Twitter, Facebook, and, yes, Tinder, are designed to show that the site has verified that the account in question is trustworthy, or at least who they say they are. The purpose of these badges is to make actual accounts stand out so that Instagram users can be confident they’re following the right person or brand. They’re easy to find in search results and on profiles, and they provide the impression of authority.

Verification badges are a sought-after status symbol for obvious reasons. They’re uncommon, and rarity confers a certain level of status, which may or may not translate into increased interaction. However, Instagram makes it clear that verified accounts (as well as commercial accounts) do not receive preferential consideration from the Instagram algorithm. To put it another way, if verified accounts do get more engagement on average, it’s because they’re providing outstanding material that resonates with their followers.

Who Is Eligible For Instagram Verification?

On Instagram, anyone can request a verified badge. Instagram, on the other hand, is infamous for being picky (and in many ways secretive) about who gets verified. So, if you’re managing an account that’s on the verge of becoming “notable,” how do you know if you’ve met the requirements? It’s not a certainty that just because you have a blue checkmark on Twitter or Facebook, you’ll receive one on Instagram.

“On Instagram, only some prominent figures, celebrities, and corporations have verified badges,” Instagram says bluntly. “Only accounts with a high risk of being impersonated,” in other words. What we do know regarding eligibility is as follows. You must first comply with the network’s Terms of Service and Community Guidelines. Furthermore, each of the following criteria must be met by your account:

  • Authentic: Is your account for a real person, a legitimate business, or a well-known brand? You can’t be a meme page or a fan account at the same time.
  • Unique: With the exception of language-specific profiles, each individual or corporation can only have one Instagram account verified.
  • Public: Instagram accounts that aren’t public aren’t eligible for verification.
  • Complete: Have you written a comprehensive bio, uploaded a profile photo, and made at least one post?
  • Notable: This is where it gets subjective, because Instagram considers a prominent name to be “well-known” and “frequently searched for.”

If you’re quite certain you match these requirements, or if you just want to take a chance, go ahead and verify your Instagram account.

Is It Possible To Earn An Instagram Verification Badge Without Being Well-known?

You can get verified on Instagram if you meet all of the following criteria and offer proof of “notability” (showing that the person, brand, organisation, publication, or pet your account represents is in the public interest). In terms of Instagram verification, the number of followers isn’t a factor.

How To Get Verified On Instagram In 6 Easy Steps?

Instagram’s verification process is actually fairly simple:

  • 1. To access your profile, go to the top right corner of your screen and tap the hamburger icon.
  • 2. Tap Settings
  • 3. Tap Account
  • 4. Tap Request Verification

5. Fill in the application form.

  • Your legal name
  • Your “working name” or “known as” (if applicable)
  • Choose your industry or sector (for example, blogger/influencer, sports, news/media, business/brand/organization, and so on).
  • A photo of your valid government ID is also required. It could be a driver’s licence or a passport for persons. A utility bill, an official business document, or tax filings will suffice for businesses.

6, Tap Send.

According to Instagram, you’ll get a response in your notifications page when their team analyses your application. Instagram has made it plain that they will never email you, solicit for money, or contact you in any other way due to past and ongoing difficulties with scammers.

Do Not Attempt To Purchase A Verification Badge.

So, certainly, anyone may apply for Instagram verification. However, getting accepted is a much more difficult task. We’ve listed all of the finest practises that will increase your chances of success as you continue your journey to establish your brand’s worthiness.

Do Not Attempt To Purchase A Verification Badge

Let’s start with this one: that man in your comments who claims his pal works for Instagram? Please do not hand over any cash to him. Any third-party software or random account that offers “complete refunds” is the same. The same goes for an account DMing you to sell you their badge because they “don’t need it anymore.”

Instagram scammers are well aware that people and businesses have strong feelings about the blue check, and some are quite good at making themselves appear legitimate, so be cautious. Also, keep in mind that Instagram will never ask for cash or contact you.

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