How To Obtain A Google News Listing For Your Website

Website owners are continually looking for innovative ways to divert traffic from Google’s market-dominating search engine to their own websites. Being included in Google News is a great method to boost the visibility of your content because Google gives top stories more exposure. It used to take a few steps to be taken into consideration for listing in Google News. Google, however, modified its guidelines and eliminated the demand for site submissions in the latter part of 2019. Google instead says:

“Publishers are automatically taken into account for Top stories or the Search News page. All they have to do is create high-quality material while adhering to Google News’ content restrictions.”

However, useful pointers and counsel regarding Google News eligibility from the past are still relevant today. So, how can you make sure that your articles appear in the search results’ Top Stories section? This essay is for you if you want to learn how to get your noteworthy website content into Google News.

What Is Google News?

Thousands of news sources from around the world are gathered and aggregated by Google News, a computer-generated vertical search engine. Then, Google presents them in accordance with a number of criteria, such as user preferences and interests, relevance, the age of the information, and authority. Google also prominently displays News items inside their main search results pages, while visitors may access Google News directly by visiting to

Note Characteristics Such As:

  • Functionality of the search bar (typical search engine use).
  • Filtering (region and news type i.e. modern, classic, headlines, or compact).
  • Lateral navigation (quick topic filtering functionality).
  • The weather app.
  • Information widget based on location and preferences (displaying local news based on preferences and location data).
  • editor’s choices.
  • prime tales (region set and global).
  • Recommended for you (user behaviour and preference-based data).
  • Industry.

What Encourages Websites To Join Google News?

Increasing brand/expert/service reach, visibility, and traffic is the logical response to this from a holistic perspective (some of which will ultimately lead to increased sales and end results). But in reality, the solution is more intricate. More than 60% of individuals prefer Google News over other news sources.

When this level of trust is coupled with the aforementioned objectives, it creates opportunities for more commercial value outside of the conventional search metrics of impressions, traffic, and revenue. Trust has the potential to be a fundamental differentiator online between brands and websites, influencing user behaviour both before (in an advertisement) and after (on a website).

Included in Google News is another opportunity for many companies to get more out of their present and future content. When you put a lot of effort, money, and resources into a certain area of your website, you need to get a good return on that investment.

Additionally, the Top stories section may offer a speedier route to search results that are extremely competitive. Here’s an illustration of how a Google News result monopolises prime space on a search engine results page with fierce competition.

How to Access Google News?

As with all of Google’s search results, adhering to standards and best practises can help your content appear in Google News and rank highly. We concentrate on the fundamental rules that you must adhere to in order to have any chance of success with Google News in the parts that follow.

General Instructions

Blogpost Types

As you might expect, the material must be current, pertinent, and thought to be interesting by the Google News audience. Tips and advice, job listings, and information-only material like stock prices and the weather are some examples of content that does not come under this category.

Uniqueness & Readability

The content must be accurate and unique. You must distinguish between self-generated and aggregated information if your website contains both types. Otherwise, none of it will appear in Google News or remain there. Additionally, content must be well-written and free of overbearing diversions like advertisements, movies, and the like.

Expertise & Trust

The likelihood of content appearing in Google News increases when it demonstrates industry-leading expertise. This writing need to present a distinct viewpoint supported by knowledge and experience in the relevant topic. Additionally, it should be backed up by trust indicators like a physical address, supporting authorship, and contact information. See the complete list of Google News general policies for additional information.

Technical Guidelines

When Google finds and crawls items to include in Google News, it does so via algorithm-based processing, and there are a number of technical requirements that must be met. Many of them are conventional SEO ranking elements, while others are unique to Google News.

Make certain to:

  • Anchor links and URLs serve as permanent, unique descriptions of the material.
  • Only HTML-formatted content is made available. Content types such as PDFs, JavaScript, and others cannot be crawled or displayed. Multimedia content won’t be included very often (with YouTube being the lone exception).
  • Search engine bots must be able to access the domain where the material is housed.

Read the whole list of technical recommendations to learn more.

Quality Guidelines

Every element of the Google ethos exhibits quality. Check out the Webmaster Quality Guidelines if you’re unsure about what constitutes high-quality content. To compare your material to the top-ranking websites on the same subject, look at it critically. Make sure your content goes above and above the fundamental criteria, such as depth, variation, opinion, knowledge, and data. At this stage, it’s important to reiterate that only news content is accepted by Google News. It’s a bad strategy to try to fit all of your pages in, and you’ll always fall short. The majority of the time, content will be company-neutral and industry-specific, meaning it won’t be dependent on marketing or PR.

Google News Tips & Advice

You can use a variety of various strategies to get your content to show up and rank in Google News.Here are some of the most helpful.

Performing the Essentials Well

There are other, more general factors that can improve your Google News eligibility and ranking; many of these depend on doing the fundamentals well.

Content that is news should be identified as such. It ought to:

  • Create a distinct subfolder (, for example).
  • Each news item must have a keyword-rich URL that accurately reflects its content.

New content must be easily available, load rapidly, and contain a wealth of data. Additionally, it ought to be worthwhile, current, fact-based, and free of overtly promotional language. Rather than publishing 10 articles in one day and then nothing for a month, you should regularly and continuously publish news. Ensure that the content is simple to read, share, and interact with; the more user quality signals that the content generates, the better.

News Sitemap

You can take control of the news content items that are meeting or exceeding the Google guidelines criteria and highlight those most likely to give the results you are looking for by establishing a specific sitemap for Google News and uploading this directly to Google. As with all sitemaps, this can hasten and increase the likelihood that Google will successfully locate your material and show it in the search results.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Essentially, AMPs are versions of web pages that have been stripped of practically all non-text elements that may otherwise result in loading times that are too long. Since people want to consume news material quickly, while moving about, via virtually any device, and with different levels of internet connectivity, AMPs are primarily for publishers.

Submitting Your Website

Although submission is no longer necessary, Google’s Publisher Center registration and submission of your website do offer the following additional benefits:

  • Control over content and branding: Create bespoke Google News sections and material for your publication.
  • Run advertisements inside the app’s content area to earn money. Through Google Ad Manager, Google News offers ad serving, including premium solution advertisements. Publishers who use Subscribe with Google can use paywalls in Newsstand.
  • Publications with business terms may be placed in the Newsstand part of the app (in the relevant nations/regions). Placement is not guaranteed. Our merchandising staff independently chooses publications for Newsstand based on promotional timing, user experience quality, and relevancy to promotional topic.

Additionally, several publishers claim that after submitting their website, Google News included their site significantly more swiftly.

Meta News Keywords Tag & Editors’ Picks

In the past, Google used editors’ picks and the meta news tag (meta name=”news keywords”) to let authors specify the subjects of their articles. Google removed these capabilities as Google News aggregation developed and became more AI-driven. This modification stopped publishers from abusing the tags and increased the emphasis on the above-discussed excellent practises.

Recap: How To Obtain A Google News Listing

Being included in Google News has undeniably several advantages and can give your website a foothold in extremely competitive search results. However, it must be emphasised that Google only accepts news articles. Your articles must be truthful, unique, timely, pertinent, and appealing to the Google News Audience. Follow the general, technical, and quality standards as well as the recommended practises mentioned above, and you might succeed in getting your noteworthy website material into Google News.

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