How To Edit Android Videos With The Kinemaster

The application is cleverly isolated as “sound chief” in Scroll App. A sound administrator is an application that may be used to modify the skin from beginning to end. However, if you press the sound chief’s title, the spread application, which is primarily the Voltaire of the veiled picture, video, messaging, and application, will start. In your own wallet, you can save photos, movies, and other documents. Kinemaster is capable of editing your videos to perfection. It’s a free video-editing app for Android that includes all of the main functions for giving your videos a personal touch.

Using Kinemaster to Trim a Video

You must first upload your video before you can trim it. Tap the “+” icon in the middle circle to add your video.

Tap the checkmark in the top right corner once your video has been added. To trim your movie, tap the video at the bottom, and the border will turn yellow after a few seconds. A scissor icon can be found in the upper left corner.

When you tap it, a new set of trimming options will emerge in the same location. Slide the video back and forth until the options light up if they are greyed out. Trim to the left or right of the playhead, split at the playhead, or split and freeze frame are all options. Select the one that best meets your requirements.

How to Use Kinemaster’s Transition Feature

It’s simple to add a transition to your videos. As you would normally, add a video, but this time select a couple more. You’ll notice that there’s a grey square with a line in the middle between each video. Tap on that square to add a transition.

Select the transition effect and other options by tapping on them. 3D transitions, traditional, fun, picture-in-picture, powerful, presentation, text, and more options are available. Tap the checkbox at the top after you’re finished adding a transition. To see a preview of the transitions, move the video to the start point and press the play button.

In Kinemaster, How Do You Do A Voiceover?

You’ll want to add the narration once you’ve added the videos. Select the microphone icon. The recording will not begin until you press the Start button, but a green light will begin to blink, indicating that the microphone is turned on.

The areas of the video where the narration will be added will be marked in red once you press the Start button. When you press the stop button, the red area of the movie will be replaced with a purple line. Review, re-record, loop, voice filter, voice loudness, and trim are among the other choices available.

Adding Text To A Kinemaster Video

The ability to add text to a video is a basic and necessary feature. Tap the Layer button to the left of the red camera button to add your text and personalize it as well. A new window of options will open when you tap the option. The text option is near the bottom of the page.

Tap the OK button after typing your message. Your writing will appear small at first, but you may expand it by dragging it out. You can adjust the font of the text by tapping on the uneven As. You can use the animation option to introduce the text in a variety of ways, like slide down, slide up, clockwise, drop, and more.

You may also add things like shadow, glow, outline, background color, full-width background, and more by swiping down. Tap the white circle to the right of the scissor icon to change the text color.

How To Include Music In Videos

When you add music to a video, it makes it much better. Let’s imagine you wish to add a music from your device to your playlist. Draw a red line at the bottom of the page where you want the song to start. Select a song by tapping on the music icon.

A red + sign will show when you select your song. The audio will begin to play, allowing you to verify that this is the song you wish to add. If you’re certain it’s the right song, hit the red + sign, and the title will show at the bottom.


Kinemaster is a free Android editing app with many functions. It isn’t as intimidating as it was in the beginning once you get to the hang of how to use it. What do you think? What do you think about the app?

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