The Indian Railways Rule Has Been Changed: Great News! Passengers can now board their train at any station! IRCTC has a new rule that you should be aware of.

Passengers on trains will be relieved to hear some good news. Instead of using the original railway station, you can now take a train from any other station. You will not be fined by the railways for this. You must make revisions to your ticket to modify the boarding station; otherwise, you may be penalised.

Boarding Stations Can Be Used To Purchase Tickets.

Changing the boarding station can be necessary at any time. The passenger, for example, may be concerned about missing the train since the boarding station is out of reach. As a result, if the train arrives at a station within walking distance of the passenger, the passenger can change his boarding station.

IRCTC accommodates passengers’ requests by allowing them to modify their boarding station. This IRCTC service is available to all passengers who purchased railway tickets online rather than through travel agencies or the Passenger Reservation System. Aside from that, PNRs with the VIKALP option cannot be changed in boarding station.

Any Changes Must Be Made Within 24 Hours Of The Train’s Departure.

Any customer who wishes to modify his boarding station must do so online 24 hours before to the train’s departure. However, according to the IRCTC’s official website, once a customer changes his boarding station, he will be unable to take the train from his previous boarding station.

Remember that if a passenger boards a train from another station without altering his boarding station, he will be charged the penalty as well as the fare difference between the original and updated boarding points. According to IRCTC guidelines, a change in the boarding station can only be made once, therefore be certain anytime you make adjustments. So, let me now explain how you can change the boarding station on an IRCTC online ticket.

This Is The Simplest Method Of Changing The Boarding Station.

  • Go to the IRCTC’s official website Then click to below Button.
  • Go to ‘Booking Ticket History’ and enter your Login and Password.
  • Go to ‘change boarding point’ after selecting your train.
  • A new page will open; select the new boarding station for that train from the drop-down menu.
  • The system will ask for confirmation after you’ve selected a new station. You now press the ‘OK’ button.
  • You will be notified through SMS to modify your boarding point.

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