Google Has Deleted 151 Android Apps From The Google Play Store.

Scams can be found almost anywhere. Everywhere on the Internet, there’s a threat. Even in the Android app store, there’s a lot of competition. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. From email spam to internet scams, there’s something for everyone. This one, on the other hand, is a little different. Hundreds of scam apps have infected over 10 million Android smartphones, making it unique. And it’s possible that you’re one of them. For nearly a year, the GriftHorse campaign used devious ways to avoid detection in Google Play. As a result, we’ve decided to devote this piece to your online safety.

We just learned that Google has banned 151 Android apps. On the Google Play Store, fake Android apps have been discovered. Since November 2020, Android has been hit by a huge fraud effort. In recent weeks, Avast has been reporting on a scam campaign known as UltimaSMS. According to the business, the premium SMS fraud campaign included 151 apps.

You should stay away from a number of apps. Because the scam masquerades as legitimate software, such as photo editors and camera filters, games, and even QR code scanners, it is difficult to detect. But they do have a hidden agenda. And the goal is to get consumers to sign up for pricey SMS services.

Among them are “Handy Translator Pro,” “Heart Rate and Pulse Tracker,” and “Bus – Metrolis 2021.” Although they appear to be benign and even useful, they are actually a front for dangerous malware to run in the background.

The Scam Flow

The Flow of the Scam Once the software is loaded on your Android device, the victim will receive a barrage of alerts. The user is prompted to “confirm” their phone number in order to receive a prize. Here’s where the plot thickens. An in-app browser would load a claim page, keeping the application code clean and making it impossible to detect as malicious. So, while the app code is fine, the page loaded through your browser is a different matter.

The attackers would enrol the victim up for a monthly recurring charge of roughly $42 through the so-called premium SMS service once they entered their phone number. However, the funds are not used to provide any form of service. It’s going straight to the crooks.

The thieves made hundreds of millions of dollars with a modest estimate of 10 million prospective victims. For a possibly insurmountable problem, this is a stunning sum. The attackers were able to combine these well-known methods in a way that was nevertheless very effective.

Android Apps That Are Malicious

– Ultima Keyboard 3D Pro
– VideoMixer Editor Pro
– FX Animate Editor Pro
– Battery Animation Charge 2021
– Dynamic HD & 4K Wallpapers
– RGB Neon HD Keyboard Background
– AppLock X FREE
– NewVision Camera
– Ultra Camera HD
– Wi-Fi Password Unlock
– Wi-Fi Around: All Wi-Fi and Hotspots Unlock
– Colorful Call Screen & Phone Flash
– Waterdrinker Reminder
– GT Sports Racing Online
– Magic Fonts and Keyboard 2021
– All Language Photo and Voice Translator Al
– Crime City: Revenge
– Reface Ultra
– Projector HD/AR Video Editor
– LivePhoto Animator
– Ludo Masterpiece Online
– Mobile Scanner Pro: PDF Scanner App, Scan to PDF
– Magic Mix Cut – Super Video Editor
– Future Scanner FREE 2021
– Pro Video Downloader 2021
– AmazeTranslate
– Football Masters 2021
– New Body Shape Editor
– Call Voice Recording 2.0
– Pro Tuber Ad Blocker for Video
– Fitness Ultimate 2021
– Wallpaper XYZ Pro

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