For Android And Ios, How Do You Download Whatsapp Status Videos And Photos?  

In addition to being a well-liked instant messaging programme, WhatsApp has grown to be a well-liked social media site. Even WhatsApp developed a tales feature known as WhatsApp Status after Instagram stories. The fact that these statuses are only visible for 24 hours adds appeal. Individuals frequently submit a music or video as their WhatsApp status in addition to their own photos. On their WhatsApp status, some people wish to share the same thing. Regrettably, WhatsApp does not allow users an ability to download these statuses. Hence, for a brief tutorial on downloading WhatsApp Status images and videos, read on.

How to download WhatsApp Status Video or Photo on Android?

Method 1: File manager

Have you ever wondered where these images and movies are temporarily stored? On your smartphone, these media files are cached in the WhatsApp folder. Unfortunately, these media files likewise disappear after the 24-hour mark, just like the app’s 24-hour policy. How to access certain files is provided below.

  • See the WhatsApp Status you want to download once you have opened WhatsApp.
  • Open a file manager application now. You can download “Files by Google” from the Google Play Store if your phone is missing one.
  • Activate the “Display hidden files” checkbox in the File Manager app’s Settings section.
  • Go to the internal storage of your phone and seek for a folder called “WhatsApp.”
  • Here, just go to Media > .
  • Statuses

All of the status videos and pictures that you have recently watched are contained in this folder. Simply copy the desired image or video and put it into any other folder in the internal storage at this time.

Method 2: Status Saver apps

Several programmes with the names Status Saver or Status Saver for WhatsApp are available on the Google Play Store. You can download and use these programmes to store any WhatsApp photographs or videos. The drawback of these applications is that they contain a lot of ads, which can occasionally be grating.

Method 3: Screenshot and Screen Record

While any photograph viewed on a WhatsApp statue can be simply screenshotted, the struggle is exclusively with the videos. Several Android smartphones, including Xiaomi models, now come with built-in screen recorders, nevertheless. You may therefore use them to record your screen and then edit the video so that only the status is visible. Also, you can always search the Play Store for screen recorder apps if your smartphone does not come with one.

How to download WhatsApp Status Video or Photo on iPhone?

iOS is quite secure, thus neither WhatsApp files nor programmes like Status Saver may be accessed by the operating system. Thus, you will need to use the built-in screen recorder or screenshot capabilities in order to capture any video or image.

On iPhone 8 or earlier models, simply press the power and home buttons simultaneously to snap a screenshot. You must simultaneously press the volume down and power buttons on an iPhone X or later. The native screen recorder, which debuted with iOS 11 back in 2017, may be used to download videos. From the control panel, it is simple to access the screen recorder. But, you must enable it by going to Settings > Control Center > Customize Control Center and adding the Screen Recorder option in order to bring an option there.

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