7 Tips To Grow Your A Youtube Shorts Channel

We understand you’re focused on developing a regular YouTube channel, but how about a channel dedicated solely to shorts? Shorts creators have so far attracted millions of subscribers. They’re also going viral with content that’s less than 60 seconds long. In this episode of TubeTalk, we talk with Block Facts about how he grew his Minecraft Shorts channel to a million subscribers. His formula for success is straightforward: Never give up on a content strategy that is working. There’s more to the storey, of course. Here are seven helpful hints for expanding your YouTube Shorts channel.

1. Determine The Length Of Your Shorts

A YouTube Short can be up to 60 seconds long, or 59 seconds if you include the extra second YouTube adds to each video. However, this does not imply that you should use the entire minute. It’s a positive thing if you can get your point through in less time.

Notice how the majority of the videos on Block Facts’ channel are 27 seconds long. In that short amount of time, he teaches viewers what they need to know, and it works for him.

To get the proper length for your shorts, answer these two questions:

  • Have I made my point, or should I continue?
  • Is there any “dead air” that I can remove or reduce?

2. Produce Useful Shorts That Entertain Or Educate

YouTube Shorts allows you to make a wide range of material. Some people like to dance to music, play with their pets, or put on comedic skits. Others demonstrate their knowledge by teaching viewers how to do something in under 60 seconds. Whatever you do, make sure the video is useful to the audience.

Every Short at Block Facts follows this method, as shown in the video below. He gives knowledge about furnaces in Minecraft in it, which is valuable for those who play the game. More than 2 million people have watched the video.

3. Make Your Own Thumbnails For Your Short Films

Since you’re aware with how Shorts function, you might be thinking, “Why should I make thumbnails for Shorts if users are watching from the Shorts shelf — a display area that plays vertical films nonstop?” In any case, they don’t show up in that location.”

That is correct. But did you know that Shorts may also be seen on YouTube as ordinary videos? They’re available on a standard watch page, which includes adverts and a comment section. A thumbnail will appear before someone watches a Short in that location. If it isn’t a bespoke one, YouTube will display a random video frame, which results in a dreadful image. As a result, a growing number of creators are creating bespoke thumbnails for Shorts.

4. Emphasize The Importance Of Your Titles

Have you seen the YouTube Shorts player’s more prominent areas? Of course, there’s the video, which takes up the full screen. There’s also a subscription button, like and hate buttons, a comment icon, and a share icon, as well as the video title and channel name.

The title is the most crucial of all of these sections. The viewer has no idea what will happen in the next 60 seconds of a Short unless they read the title. “Minecraft Salmon Facts” is the title of the video below. To see if this Block Facts video is true to its title, press the play button.

What did you find out? We discovered various facts, like the appearance of fish in Minecraft, the quantity of health they restored, and where to find salmon in the game. The title of the video lives up to its billing. Make your titles attractive and correct to obtain more views on each Short.

5. Use Youtube Stories To Increase Shorts Views

Anyone can use this technique to promote their YouTube Shorts channel. Create some YouTube Stories that “feature” your best Shorts instead of just posting a Short and hoping for the best.

To get such results, Block Facts accomplished two things. He requested that viewers subscribe to the Story and leave a comment about their favourite Minecraft block. According to him, the increased engagement may have pushed his work to new levels in YouTube’s algorithm.

6. Don’t Use Your Shorts Channel To Post Long-form Content

Long videos will underperform on a Shorts channel, which should go without saying. Viewers initially signed up for quick entertainment — videos that could be watched in the time it takes to microwave a cookie. Stick to the plan to keep viewers happy and interested in subscribing.

7. Be Consistent

This isn’t just a suggestion for Shorts. One piece of content won’t help you get millions of subscribers, whether you’re producing long-form videos, Community tab polls, or YouTube Stories. You must maintain consistency and post new content on a regular basis. That doesn’t mean you have to upload every day, but having a timetable is a good idea. The most appropriate posting frequency is determined on the type of Shorts – or overall content – you wish to create.

Don’t forget about maintaining a consistent style. Your material should have a recognisable format and presentation to help readers remember it. Looking for more YouTube Shorts advice? Here’s a simple guide on looping Shorts to double your Watch Time.

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