3 Ways to Check WhatsApp’s Last Seen Status if it’s Blocked or Hidden

Can’t access a WhatsApp user’s latest location? There are ways to watch and keep tabs on the other person’s online status and behavior on WhatsApp, regardless of whether they have hidden their last seen status or blocked you on the service. You can instantly determine when someone last used the WhatsApp online or mobile app by using free apps. Learn how to check WhatsApp Last Seen whether it has been hidden or blocked by continuing to read.

Check WhatsApp Last Seen Online for Free to See If It Is Blocked or Hiding

Are you unable to view a user’s most recent WhatsApp activity? For three reasons, the platform obscures the last seen:

  • You’ve disabled your last seen.
  • The other individual has either hidden or only made their last seen available to their contacts.
  • In the last seen privacy settings, the other person has added you as an exception.
  • Or perhaps the opposing side has blocked you.

From a different number, you can still see when they’re online, but you won’t be able to know when they were last spotted or active. WhatsApp tracking applications can help in this situation.

The “online” status and duration of a contact’s activity are tracked by these apps using a bot. You can view this log to see when and for how long they were active on WhatsApp. You can also receive toast notifications anytime they open WhatsApp on their phone or computer.

WaStat WhatsApp Tracker

You can monitor any contact’s WhatsApp last seen and online status, even if it is hidden or blocked, with the free tool WaStat Tracker. The sole restriction is that in the free edition, you can only track a single contact. Overall, the software functions flawlessly, and I had no bothersome ad experiences while using it. Use it as follows.

  • 1. On your Android phone, download WaStat WhatsApp Tracker from the Google Play Store.
  • 2. Launch the app and ignore the directions.
  • 3. In the top right corner, tap the Add Number icon.

  • 4. Enter the WhatsApp number for which you wish to check the last time someone saw them online. Be sure to include the international code’s prefix (+91 for Indian numbers).

Family Tracker WhatsApp Online Status

Another trustworthy tool that allows you to follow any WhatsApp user’s last seen and online status for free without any annoying adverts is Family Tracker-Online Status. You only get an 8-hour free trial, though. Use this program solely if you need to temporarily monitor someone’s WhatsApp activity.

  • 1. On your Android phone, download Family Tracker from the Google Play Store.
  • 2. Click the + (Add a number) button after starting the app.

  • 3. Submit the contact’s name.
  • 4. Then, after entering the WhatsApp number and choosing the country code, click OK.

  • The app will now begin monitoring a certain WhatsApp number’s online behavior.

When the contact gets online or offline, you will receive a notification. To view their online history, press the alert. Additionally, you may use the software to graphically compare two numbers’ conversation activity. This can assist you in determining whether the two numbers are in communication during the day.

Online Monitor for WhatsApp

Another WhatsApp tracking software, Online Monitor, notifies you when a contact is online or offline and displays their current online status. Up to five profiles can be watched, and the last 30 days’ worth of internet statistics can be gathered and examined. There are no adverts in the app during the free trial, which only lasts up to 12 hours. This is how to apply it:

  • 1. On your Android phone, download the Online Monitor (Last Seen) app from the Play Store.
  • 2. After launching the app, click + in the top right corner.

  • 3. Type in the WhatsApp username and number. The boxes next to the notification types you want to receive are checked.
  • 4. To begin keeping an eye on the WhatsApp user’s internet activity, click Save.

Add the app to the memory whitelist to prevent it from being terminated in the background so that you receive prompt notifications whenever the other party opens WhatsApp on their phone or goes online.

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