Top 5 Best High Quality Free Stock Video Sites 2021

Presentations, websites, and even your own home-made videos might benefit from a few strategically placed bits of free stock video. Finding the perfect video clips, on the other hand, can be difficult. For their best content, several stock video sites require a monthly fee. Thankfully, there are also locations where you can get high-quality video clips for free, with no royalties or strings attached, for both personal and commercial usage. We examined the greatest free stock photo sites and selected those that provide the finest combination of video quality, clip variety, and flexible licencing. Check out our guide to the finest video editing software to complete your job. Whatever your level of experience, there’s something for you.

1. Pexels

Pexels has some very stunning free stock video videos, all of which are licenced under a Creative Commons 0 (i.e. public domain) licence, meaning you can use them for personal or commercial purposes without credit. The time-lapse stock films are especially gorgeous, and there are plenty of amusing footage from divers and climbers wearing GoPros. Pexels also has a useful “mockup” category for video of mobile devices with green screens that can be readily substituted with chroma keying.

Premium movies from Shutterstock appear in the search results, but unlike most stock video sites, Pexels places them at the bottom so you won’t mistake them for free footage. Free HD stock videos are available in MP4 format. The major issue is the dearth of 4K clips, but if Full HD will do for your project, Pexels should be your first port of call. Pexels also has a wonderful variety of premium-quality stills available under the same licence if you need stock pictures.

2. Stock Footage for Free

Stock Footage for Free resembles the free stock photo site Unsplash in that it focuses on quality over quantity. The footage is stunning; we especially like the variety of settings and looping backgrounds. Before downloading the video, you’re provided a full description of it so you can be sure it’s the appropriate one. This is a sensible choice; due to the enormous file sizes, downloads can take a long time. The site’s HD videos are in MOV format, however there are no 4K clips available right now.

Unless it’s a truly high-budget production, free stock video clips are available for personal and commercial use. Stock Footage for Free comes with a full licence agreement that spells out all of the intellectual property details you’ll need.
You’ll need to create a free account or log in with Facebook before you can download anything. We were unable to log in using an email address due to a problem at the time of writing, but the Facebook option worked properly. We’ve contacted the company to see whether this is a problem that can be fixed.

3. Pixabay

Pixabay is most known for its free stock pictures, but it also boasts a large collection of free stock video clips that you can download and use without any restrictions. The videos are all under a minute long and were provided by Pixabay’s community of users. The site is a wonderful choice for abstract visuals, such as clouds, as well as specialty videos (the video of a man preparing pieces of beef is a particularly odd example). There’s also a limited collection of 4K video, motion graphics, and some website-friendly infinitely repeating movies. All of the clips are free to use for personal or commercial purposes, with no attribution required. The files are in MP4 format and come in a variety of resolutions.

4. Clipstill

Clipstill is devoted to cinemagraphs, which are still photographs with a little looping animation. The effect is captivating, and it’s a terrific technique to draw in viewers. Although there is just a tiny selection of free cinemagraphs (the most of the movies on the site are premium material), they are of good quality and change monthly, so Clipstill is well worth bookmarking.

Clipstill’s cinemagraphs can be downloaded as short video files and are especially well-suited for web design. When using Clipstill’s videos, credit isn’t required, but a link back is appreciated. Unless you’re developing a commercial product in which cinemagraphs are the major feature, such as a greeting card or website design, you’re allowed to use them in your own projects.

5. Videezy

Videezy footage is available for personal and commercial use at no cost, however users must credit ‘’ in their creations. The majority of the free stock films are in HD, however there is a fair selection of 4K movies, including landscape scenes and abstract movies processed in Adobe After Effects. The quality varies, but it is generally good. The aerial drone footage is extremely appealing to us.

All videos are provided in MP4 format, and the resolution may be found on the download page beneath the preview. Look for search results with a green ‘Pro’ tag; these are premium clips that can only be purchased with paid credits. The first two rows of search results are also Shutterstock sponsored videos that require a premium membership to download.

6. Videvo

Videvo’s community of users has contributed thousands of free stock videos. The quality varies (a few films were clearly shot without a tripod), but overall they’re nice, and there’s a large range to choose from, so you’ll almost certainly find something you like – even if it takes a while. If you want to share your own videos for people to download, you can do so after creating a free account.

Before you begin working on a video on Videvo, make sure to check which of the three licences applies to your chosen clip: Videvo Standard License, which allows you to use the clips in your own work without attribution as long as you don’t redistribute the footage; Videvo Creative Commons License, which allows you to use the clips in your own work without attribution as long as you don’t redistribute the footage; Vid Videvo Attribution License, which is similar to the Standard License but requires you to credit the clip’s creator; and Creative Commons 3.0 Unported, which allows you to share and adapt the clip but needs you to credit the creator and indicate any changes you’ve made. Clips marked “Editorial use only” are not allowed to be used commercially, however those tagged “All projects and media” can. The top row of search results, as with many other free stock video sites, are actually premium samples from an advertiser (in this case Shutterstock). Past these, you’ll find Videovo’s own clips.

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