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Individuals working in the advertising industry to website designers are all included. For many people, image editing is a time-consuming manual procedure, and even if they have a lot of tools, they are unable to use it properly. There are much too many tools, features, and issues! Removing the background from a photograph is one of the most aggravating aspects of editing. Imagine having to edit hundreds, if not thousands, of photographs one at a time. But, in today’s world, everything is possible. We’ll show you how to use Slazzer Website, an image background removal tool that, unlike other erasers, keeps the main item sharp and detailed.

The tool can operate with even the most complicated backdrops without leaving a clipping path. Slazzer Website detects the foreground of any subject and automatically removes the background from an image using artificial intelligence techniques.

Where did Slazzer Website come from?

Netflairs Technology Pvt Ltd created the Slazzer Website . The organisation has long noted that removing image backgrounds is one of the most time-consuming tasks, with many individuals having difficulty with it. Editors, photographers, advertising agencies, and other organisations are wasting a lot of time and not receiving adequate results.

On September 25, 2020, Netflairs Technology Pvt Ltd released Slazzer Website after months of developing, producing, and going through trials and errors. It’s a consumer-oriented app, thus it was built from the ground up to be user-friendly. Windows, Android, Mac OS X, and Linux are all supported by this picture background removal programme.

Ai Technology Makes Things Easier

You didn’t read it incorrectly! Yes, AI technology has been included into Slazzer Website, allowing the software to locate the main item and define its borders automatically. As a result, AI technology can prevent some aspects of the main object from being obliterated when the image’s background is removed. Because an eraser without AI support will struggle to handle delicate materials like hair, AI technology is critical here. When working with such delicate items, the clipping rate suffers dramatically, which Slazzer Website can alleviate. It’s all thanks to artificial intelligence (AI). Humanity’s future lies on AI technology, which is capable of working down to the smallest of minutiae. When used in an image background removal application, you will acquire a main item that is free of flaws and clean from the backdrop. With Slazzer Website, you can even outperform professional editors who use other software.

Changing The Background Is Easy

Slazzer Website is capable of not only removing but also changing the backdrop. Changing the background of your image is simple with this fantastic tool. Imagine shooting a picture in your backyard and then seeing the Eiffel Tower in the background a few seconds later. Thanks to Slazzer Website, everything is simple. To make the change noticeable, you must, of course, consider numerous factors.

Depth Of Field

What exactly is it? This is a concept that makes your images “come to life.” Changing the background can’t be done on the spur of the moment. If you change the background recklessly, your photo will appear “fake.” You should consider how sharp your photo’s background should be. That way, your shot won’t look like a child’s work of art. Yes, Slazzer Website may be used to implement the concept of depth of field. With this image background removal app, you may change the sharpness of your photos’ backgrounds.

Integration With Multiple Platforms

Slazzer Website’s integration with famous web platforms including Figma, Sketch, Shopify, and Photoshop sets it distinct from other similar programmes. With this integration, you may modify the background of a single photo in Shopify, and the changes will be applied to the same photo in Figma or Sketch.


For multimedia workers, Slazzer Website is a fantastic puzzle piece. Using this free application, changing or replacing an image’s backdrop becomes a pleasant hobby.

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