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With an intuitive Site that brings together inpatient, outpatient, wellness, and exercise services on one platform, your health benefits are now easily accessible. Keep it in your pocket to enjoy easy access to your wellness and health benefits!

View and Download E-card

To handle hospitalisation or any of your dependents’ medical needs in a cashless manner, access, view, and download your Medi Assist e-Card. You can keep a smartphone with the MediBuddy Site loaded with all of your beneficiaries’ information.

Cashless Healthcare

Our services are bundled together under one brand by the MediBuddy Site. You will discover everything you require, from common medications to sporadic preventative care packages to once-in-a-lifetime inpatient occurrences; from order confirmations to claim status details; from medical benefits to domiciliary coverage.

Locate Network Hospitals

There is no longer a need to traverse towns and communities to see whether a particular hospital offers medical care. You can use MediBuddy to locate the best network hospitals based on your interests. Additionally, you can filter results based on the available specialty and area.

Track Claims in Real-Time

Use the ‘Claims’ tile in the MediBuddy Site. To track your claim in real time, enter your claim number and other information. You can also follow your claims by going to the MediBuddy website.

Get eCashless for Provisional Preauthorization

Utilize the MediBuddy mobile Site to fully understand the cost of treatment while planning a cashless hospitalisation from the comfort of your home. Request preauthorization on MediBuddy by tapping the eCashless tile at least 48 hours before admission.

Book a Health Check or a Consultation

On the MediBuddy Site, find a variety of tailored health check packages that have been hand-picked by your preferred medical facilities specifically for you. Compare the costs and locations of various health check packages and consultations, then reserve your favourite service using a cashless system.

Order Medicines Online

Using the MediBuddy Site, you can conveniently order real prescription medications and take advantage of year-round incentives. To receive free home delivery of your medications, simply upload your prescription.

Book lab tests online

The MediBuddy Site makes scheduling a lab test a breeze. Choose the test’s kind, the appointment date, and the city. If the service is covered by your health insurance coverage, you can also examine a list of other tests offered by the chosen provider and place your order cashlessly.

Home Healthcare

Home healthcare, as the name implies, entails professional medical aid outside of hospitals. You may easily hire professionals through MediBuddy for at-home post-operative care, physiotherapy, physical therapy, and lifestyle assistance.

Tele Consultation

An on-call health expert is available through MediBuddy’s Tele Consultation service. To get answers to questions about health and medication, as well as to obtain emotional support, get in touch with your selected specialist, such as a dermatologist, cardiologist, or dentist.

Second Opinion

By allowing customers to freely book second opinions services, which are useful for serious illnesses, MediBuddy provides all of its users with much-needed relief. Remotely access the knowledge and therapeutic advice of top doctors. You will receive a thorough report following the expert opinion procedure, which typically lasts 48 hours.

Genome Study

Take a genome study test on MediBuddy to learn more about your genes and DNA. These tests assess your genetic susceptibility to diseases so that a doctor can offer treatment options and lifestyle modifications.

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