Get 20 GB of Free Data Today with Jio’s Free Data Promotional Code.

I recently shared several free internet hacks with you, readers. I’m back now with some free internet tips for Jio customers. The largest telecom provider in the nation is Jio. So, if you use Jio, take advantage of the newest hacks to enjoy free internet. Using the available methods, you can get unlimited Free Data on Jio. With several apps, which I will share later in this post, you can also get free data.

Today, there is an even greater need for high-speed data due to the amount of content that people are watching on OTT platforms. Read on if you’re looking for Jio Free data tips. You can use the Jio Free data codes I recently shared to obtain up to 10GB of data for free.

How to Get Free Data in Jio?

Here are some tried-and-true methods for getting unlimited data on your Jio phone. Every trick is 100 percent effective. Utilize all available methods to receive up to 10GB of free data on your Jio Number. If you have already used free internet, you can try again and receive it more than once. Get free data of up to 25GB as well with Jio coupons.

Jio Free Data Tricks

Free Data Trick

Free Jio Data

Dessert corner game

300 MB + Upto 1 GB

Jio Lucky Draw

20 GB Free Jio Data

Bournvita Mann Ki Tayyari

1 GB free Data


5 GB Free Data

Wheel Of Rewards

Up to 20 GB of Data

Play the Dessert Corner Chat Game to win up to 1 GB of free data

On registration, you receive 300MB of data, and upon game completion, you can receive up to 1GB. Additionally, by participating in the game, you can win extra data that will be applied to your account. You must register with your cellphone number in order to participate.

  • Open the MyJio app
  • Visit the app’s Jio Engage area.
  • Navigate to the Dessert Corner game.
  • Put your mobile number in
  • Select the game’s banner.
  • Name, email address, and continue
  • Your account will be rewarded with 300MB of data.

With Bournvita Mann ki Tayyari, get 1 GB of Free Jio Data

The most recent material on the MyJio app is called Bournvita Mann ki Tayyari. To upgrade the MyJio app to the most recent version, look in the engage area. To enter and have a chance to win, you must watch a brief video on the app.

Following the video, the chatbot will launch, requiring you to enter information such as your name, phone number, email address, etc. A free 1 GB of data is yours.

  • Open the MyJio app
  • The section on engagement
  • The Bournvita Mann ki Tayyari banner should be clicked.
  • View the brief video.
  • Name, mobile number, and email address must be entered.
  • Your account will be rewarded with 1 GB of data.

Win Up to 20GB of Free Data with the Jio Wheel of Rewards

One of my favourite Jio games is Wheel of Rewards, which is one of the several games available under the engage section. Through the wheel of the rewards game, you can receive up to 20GB of free data. You can also win a free recharge worth up to Rs. 50 with the Spin2Win game.

  • Open the MyJio app
  • Press the Spin2Win button.
  • Spin the win and respond to a straightforward query
  • Win free data or recharge based on luck.

Win 1 GB of Free Data in the MyJio Cadbury Play Pad Game

The Jio Cadbury Play Pad is a brand-new promotional giveaway from Jio. You have a chance to win fantastic prizes, including 1 GB of free data, by participating in the promotional contest.

  • Open the MyJio app
  • Visit the Engage section.
  • The Cadbury Play Pad Game banner should be clicked.
  • Recognizing the terms and conditions
  • Install the Cadbury Play Pad mobile app.
  • Type the Cadbury Play Pad activation code in the box.
  • 1 GB of data is provided without charge.

Jio Tambola: Win Free Data

On the MyJio app, there is a Jio Tambola where you can play to win free data and other fantastic prizes. To unlock a ticket, click the Play Now button and respond to a short question. Once the game has begun, play along with the instructions on-screen for a chance to win wonderful prizes. The game can also be played with pals.

  • Open the MyJio app
  • The section on engagement
  • Please select the Tambola banner.
  • choose “play now”
  • Address a straightforward query
  • Obey the directions displayed on-screen
  • To earn free data and rewards, finish the game.

Jio 10GB Free Data Trick

The technique will instantly add 10GB of free internet to your Jio account. Install the JioTV app in order to take use of this method. Here are the simple stages for the entire procedure. On your smartphone, download the JioTv app. If you have the JioTv app installed, try deleting the data and cache.

  • Open the app
  • Log in without a login.
  • Select any station and watch for a short while.
  • Removing the app
  • Your account will soon be credited with the data.

With the Rozdhan app, get a free Jio recharge.

  • Rozdhan App can be downloaded here.
  • Launch the app and register with your mobile number.
  • Use OTP to validate your mobile number.
  • Use the referring URL 09BZ0Q
  • Finish the registration procedure with your email, DOB, etc.
  • Tap the Rewards option under Menu.
  • Money transfer to Paytm with your earnings
  • Use the money however you’d like, such as for a recharge.

Get Free Recharge with Happy Box

  • Click here to download the Happy Box app
  • Grant the app the necessary permission.
  • Use your Gmail account to sign in.
  • or register with a mobile number
  • To receive a Rs. 55 welcome bonus, use referral code 0GH5SI.
  • Carry out easy jobs to make money
  • From the menu, choose the recharge option.
  • Fill out your cellphone number and continue with the recharge.

Get Free Jio Recharge with mRewards App

  • Download the app
  • Sign up for the app.
  • 500 Coins upon Registration
  • Utilize applications and games to get additional cash.
  • Redeem the coins for your preferred prize.

Earn Daily Free Recharge with Rewardflix

  • Download the app.
  • Use your cellphone number to sign in.
  • Reference number: SAHI2234
  • Earn daily login bonuses in addition.
  • Complete easy chores to get paid
  • Utilize your rewards to get free recharge

Get Free recharge with Fydo App

Users who share their local experiences on the app are rewarded. Coins are also earned for referring people. The earned coins can be used to recharge a mobile device. When you sign up using a referral code, you receive Rs. 15. Redeem your coins by selecting a recharge offer from the menu. You can reload for all service providers, including Airtel, Jio, and Vi.

  • Download the app
  • Enter your phone number to confirm.
  • Referral code to use SOIDS
  • Get Rs. 15 upon registration
  • By sharing your knowledge, you can earn additional cash.
  • Use coins to reload mobile devices

Get Jio Unlimited Pack Free with Mcent Browser

The Mcent app is a web browser that is comparable to Chrome and Opera. Users receive a free recharge just for visiting websites. Use the Mcent app to just browse the web to earn free recharge.

  • Download Mcent App
  • Sign up using your Jio Number
  • To earn a welcome bonus, enter the Mcent referral code.
  • To get points, start your internet search.
  • You can use your earned points to get a free Jio recharge.

Get 1GB of free data with the Jio Wheel Pack offer

Everyone today is searching for free data sources. Jio has a lot of promotions for giving customers free data. Utilize the Wheel Jio offer to receive 1GB of free data. A 1kg pack of Wheel Active washing powder is required. You receive a Jio Free data code with the pack.

To receive unlimited data on your number, use the MyJio app to redeem the code. Jio offers unlimited data with all of its recharge rates, but the high-speed data cap is what matters the most. You need high-speed data, which the Jio Wheel free data offer makes simple to obtain.

Get 10GB Free Data with Jio Free Vouchers

Additionally, Reliance Jio offers subscribers with vouchers free data. From the MyJio app, you may use Jio Free vouchers. I recently received a Jio code for 10GB of free data. The voucher is valid for 90 days following the date of credit. Therefore, you have 90 days to use the coupon and gain free Jio data.

The free data will remain valid after redemption for as long as your current plan is in effect. From the MyJio app, you can redeem Jio Free coupons one at a time. Your account will be rewarded with the remaining free data. You will soon get a notification that your account has been credited with free data.

When you receive something for nothing, it is immensely satisfying. The methods listed above can be used to receive free data on your Jio number. The tips offered are intended for particular users. All users can utilise the free data apps. For Airtel and Vodafone-Idea, you can download the apps to get unlimited free data.

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