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The fastest way to assess the shape of your body online is to use a body shape calculator for men. It allows you to suggest a body type category with greater accuracy than if you just guess. The waist to hip ratio can be calculated using the chest, waist, and hip measurements. It also gives you the option of indicating women’s and men’s body types of any age. Furthermore, if you are interested in the fashion sector, keep in mind that this body types calculator for females and males will give you with daily body shape monitoring via the internet. So, using our figure form calculator, determine your body type based on your body form dimensions and return frequently!

About Body Measurements:

The estimation of bodily components is the subject of Body Measurements. It entails determining the width, length, and circumference of the body. Experts describe body types based on measurements, therefore it’s critical to take precise measures when analysing fitness or designing patterns for the best outcomes. Furthermore, body measurements are the only way to determine a flawless female physique and distinct body forms. Once you’ve figured out your dimensions, all you have to do now is put them into the female body calculator to find out your body type!

How to Use This Body Shape Calculator to Get Body Measurements:

To determine body types for women and men, as well as the waist to hip ratio, use the body type calculator for male and female. Simply select whether you want to perform calculations for males or ladies. Yes, simply measure your body type to determine your body type — Before you hit the calculate button, enter your chest, waist, hip, and high hip measurements in inches or centimetres. So, here are the body type measurements:


  • To begin, select your gender from the drop-down option.
  • The next step is to enter the chest measurement in inches or centimetres.
  • Fill in the waist measurement.
  • Fill in the hip measurement.
  • Fill in the high hip measurement.
  • Hit the calculate button once you’ve input all of your body type dimensions.


The women’s and men’s body shapes calculators show:

  • Your body’s shape will be determined.
  • It is stated what the waist to hip ratio is.
  • Press the reset button to start over with a new computation.

The Waist-Hip Ratio Body Shape Indicator

The waist-hip ratio is the proportion of the waist to the hips. Varying body types have different waist-hip ratios, which are measured by dividing the waist circumference by the hip circumference. For the perfect female form, different female body types require varying waist to hip ratios. If a woman has a 24 inch waist and a 30 inch hip, her waist-hip ratio is 24/30, or 0.85. The waist-hip ratio can also be used to determine body shape. The body form in this case, as determined by the body measuring calculator, is a triangle.

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