9 Ways To Prevent Unwanted Calls And Make Your Phone Unreachable

1. Flight Mode

Placing your phone in flight or aeroplane mode is the simplest technique to make it unreachable. It will effectively inform the caller that you are unavailable while leading them to believe that there may be a network issue or some other technical issue with the device. You may perform this technique by selecting the aeroplane or flight mode option in the top fast settings bar of your smartphone. A phone’s power button can also be held down for roughly 2 seconds to locate it. Once you enable it, you’re done. One of the best methods for making your phone unreachable is this one.

2. Change The Mobile Network

Changing the cell network will also do the task without alerting the caller. Additionally, doing it is not too difficult. You only need to access the system settings. Network and mobile settings are located there. When you get there, select any network that is not your own by clicking on manual selection. Once you’ve done it, your phone won’t work anymore. Later, you can turn off this setting by selecting your actual cell network. Although there are other methods for making your phone unreachable, this is one of the most effective ones.

3. Change Network Mode

Another useful tip to prevent anyone from reaching your phone is to change the network mode. Your smartphone automatically chooses the finest network that is available and the strongest network by default. However, you may also manually choose the network, and if you choose an unsupported network, your phone number won’t be reachable.

You must go to Settings on your device, choose Network Settings, and then inside of that, choose “Manual” under network selection to allow these tactics to make your phone unreachable. Your phone number won’t be usable as a result. You can then return to the original setup and select the operational network to begin accepting calls.

4. Forward call

Forwarding the call to an out-of-service number is another way to make your phone unreachable. An outdated and invalid phone number is all you need to do this. Simply navigate to your mobile device’s call settings to access the call forwarding feature. Enter the no longer active, expired number there. The caller might be aware that the call is being forwarded and assume that you are doing it on purpose, so keep that in mind.

5. Sim Card Trick

Another effective method for making your phone unreachable is to remove and re-insert your sim card. Simply remove the SIM card, turn off your phone, and then re-insert the SIM card to complete the process. As a result, nobody will be able to call you until you restart your smartphone.

6. Third-Party Applications

A variety of apps in the app stores, including “Phone Signal Jammer,” “PilferShush Jammer,” and many others, make the assertion that they can block cell reception, rendering your phone number unreachable. You may test these applications out on your device to see whether they work because they are free to use and exclusively accessible for Android. However, their functioning varies from device to device.

7. Remove The Battery

It may be possible to make your phone unreachable if you remove the battery from your smartphone without turning it off. By using this small approach, you may make your mobile phone inaccessible, making this another really simple method. After removing the battery, your phone will turn off on its own. In order to confirm this, you can contact your mobile phone from any other device. When removing the battery, keep your phone on; otherwise, this hack won’t work.

8. Aluminum Foil

Aluminum foil should be wrapped around your phone. Although it may seem like a silly and useless DIY, it actually works since it disrupts the network connection. These techniques render your phone unreachable, your smartphone’s radio antenna won’t pick up any mobile networks, and if you wrap your gadget in aluminium foil, it becomes challenging for it to pick up any signals. The message “this number is out of coverage area; please try again later” will be delivered to the caller as a result. Put your phone in a steel box if you don’t have any aluminium foil at home. That will also use the same methods to effectively make your phone unreachable.

9. Block The Number

This dangerous method for making your phone unreachable typically only works with Android smartphones. When blocking a number, certain Android smartphones display the warning “the number you have dialled is presently busy.” Some Android devices, nevertheless, let the caller know when the number has been blocked and cannot be reached.

The best course of action is to check out these methods for blocking all of your alternate or additional phone numbers before dialling that number directly from your smartphone. Congratulations, as you may easily block the number whose call you wish to avoid if the message was sent from an unreachable device.

You can either manually block the numbers on your device or use the built-in call block capabilities that can be displayed by selecting the recent calls option. To restrict calls, you can also use third-party applications like “Truecaller.” It’s possible that this won’t render the number unreachable, but it will cause calls to end as soon as the caller dials your number.

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